National 5 Maths:
Curriculum Breakdown

107 topics • 48 videos (20 hours) • 39 quizzes

A comprehensive overview of the entire National 5 Maths curriculum. In his trademark conversational style, course tutor Andrew Eadie breaks the curriculum down into more than 100 bite-sized topics complete with video tutorials and detailed worked examples that are super easy to follow, understand and retain.

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A Powerful New Learning System for National 5 Maths

Our unique learning management system was designed exclusively around the Scottish curriculum. Feature-rich course design, including a searchable master index, enables students to navigate over 100 bite-sized maths topics with ease, track their progress and identify the most relevant, topic-specific past paper questions.

Detailed Worked Examples and Diagrams

Traditional maths textbooks are dull and difficult to understand. In this course, Andrew strives to make maths more engaging by using bright, intuitive diagrams and writing in a conversational style. By speaking directly to students in plain language, Andrew’s exceptionally detailed worked examples are easy to follow and digest for students of all abilities.

Video Tutorials with Expert Insights

Andrew uses videos extensively in this course (over 20 hours of tutorials across 48 videos) to explain the finer details and clarify common misunderstandings. He also works through additional examples in full detail, showing you exactly what he would write if sitting the exam himself.

Intelligently Designed Quizzes to Reinforce Learning Outcomes

Every module in this course (39 in total) contains an optional quiz, giving students the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and boost their confidence ahead of the exam. Quizzes randomise the question order and correct answers with each attempt to maximise retake value and ensure they remain challenging even after multiple attempts. Fully worked solutions are provided at the end of each quiz so students can dissect exactly where they went wrong.

Course Content

Chapter 1: Fundamental Skills

A primer for the rest of the course, this chapter builds key skills in fractions, algebra, percentages and geometry that are essential to success in National 5 Mathematics.

24 topics • 12 videos • 5 quizzes

Chapter 2: Surds & Indices

Often overcomplicated and misunderstood, the Laws of Surds and Indices are key tools for manipulating algebraic expressions at the National 5 level and beyond. This chapter simplifies these Laws, explaining what they actually mean in plain English in the context of basic number theory.

7 topics • 4 videos • 4 quizzes

Chapter 3: Straight Line

Linear equations govern many things in the world around us. This chapter explores how to interpret, express and sketch these equations and apply them to real-life scenarios to extract useful data.

12 topics • 5 videos • 4 quizzes

Chapter 4: Quadratics

Quadratic equations are often considered one of the most challenging areas of the National 5 curriculum. This chapter breaks down the characteristic features of these equations in detail and slowly builds towards applying quadratics in complex problem solving scenarios.

14 topics • 7 videos • 8 quizzes

Chapter 5: Trigonometry

By far the longest subject within the National 5 curriculum, between exact values, identities, CAST diagrams, trig functions, bearings and more, there’s a lot to get through. This chapter tackles the various areas of trigonometry in a chronological order that helps students form a coherent picture of the relationships connecting the underlying concepts.

21 topics • 8 videos • 8 quizzes

Chapter 6: Area, Volume & Similarity

Starting with standard area and volume formulas, this chapter builds to calculations involving more complicated composite solids and introduces the concepts of scale, area and volume factors.

8 topics • 3 videos • 3 quizzes

Chapter 7: Vectors & 3-D Coordinates

Vectors are a new concept for students at the National 5 level. This chapter begins with a thorough overview of the unique notation required to handle these mathematical objects before going on to discuss adding and subtracting them in both two and three-dimensional spaces.

11 topics • 6 videos • 3 quizzes

Chapter 8: Statistics

As one of the most widely applied areas of mathematics, statistics are an essential tool in everything from science and engineering to politics and economics. This chapter provides a foundation in numerous key statistical concepts and explores how statistical data can be represented graphically.

10 topics • 3 videos • 4 quizzes

Andrew Eadie


Andrew is the founder of He is a physics graduate with over 10 years’ private tuition experience and has helped hundreds of people – both students and adult learners – to pass their SQA National 5 Maths exam.