About Us

We deliver premium quality National 5 Maths resources at an inclusive price point.

The Problem

As experienced private tutors, we know that tuition can be transformational for a student, so often being the deciding factor in passing exams or university admission. However, we also know that traditional tuition can be prohibitively expensive for many families and offers those who can afford it an unfair advantage with respect to academic progression, university entry and, potentially, employment prospects.

Private tuition is widespread and increasingly so. Nearly half of teachers have tutored and a quarter of teenagers have been tutored. But with costs of at least £25 per session, many cannot afford to benefit from this support, which exacerbates education inequalities.
— Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman of leading British social mobility charity The Sutton Trust

Correlation between economic prosperity and academic attainment is not theoretical – it is very much real. The worst performing Scottish school (out of 340 schools) per 2021 league tables was Craigroyston Community High School, and it is no coincidence that this school is situated in the 29th most deprived data zone (out of 6,976 zones) per the Scottish Government’s Index of Multiple Deprivation.


Our Impact

Our mission is to democratise Scottish students’ access to quality supplemental education by providing online National 5 Maths resources at an inclusive price point.

Our ambition is to help level the Scottish educational playing field and this starts with our extensive Free Resources – a huge amount of material that is accessible to all students completely free of charge.

For students looking for an even more in-depth learning experience, we launched our flagship Curriculum Breakdown tuition course – a truly immersive National 5 Maths resource offering all the benefits of private tuition and more at a fraction of the price. Having this course is like having your own personal tutor available 24/7!

Despite being 90% cheaper than traditional tuition, with the ongoing cost of living crisis we recognise our paid resources will still be unaffordable for some students. In line with our company mission, if you cannot afford our paid resources simply Contact Us and we will be happy to provide them to you free of charge. This is an honour-based system, so please do consider your financial position and the needs of others before requesting free access since all new accounts increase our company costs.

Andrew Eadie


Andrew is the founder of National5.com. He is a physics graduate with over 10 years’ private tuition experience and has helped hundreds of people – both students and adult learners – to pass their SQA National 5 Maths exam.