Andrew Eadie

Maths Specialist

Andrew Eadie


Andrew is the founder of He is a physics graduate with over 10 years’ private tuition experience and has helped hundreds of people – both students and adult learners – to pass their SQA National 5 Mathematics


Andrew graduated from the University of Glasgow with an Honours Degree in Physics through which he honed very strong mathematical skills. In his current role as a full-time investment associate at a prominent private equity firm in Edinburgh, maths remains an active part of his daily life (as it has for the past 13 years). Andrew began his career in finance at the American investment bank Morgan Stanley.

Having tutored full-time in the past, Andrew has found it impossible to give up as he enjoys it so much. He has channelled this passion for teaching into creating to allow an even greater number of students to benefit from all that he has learned in his 10 years’ experience of tutoring mathematics.

Course Style

Technical subjects like maths are plagued by dull and overcomplicated language that make them difficult to understand. In contrast, Andrew’s courses are conversational in style. He speaks directly to students just as he would in person which makes his exceptionally detailed breakdowns of even the most complicated concepts easy to follow and digest for students of all abilities.

Andrew’s courses focus on building true depth of understanding of the material, eliminating the need to remember examples, processes and tricks which students so often rely on. Andrew compares this to riding a bike:

When you go to ride a bike, you don’t try to ‘remember’ how you did it last time, you rely on the fact your body ‘understands’ how to do it because you’ve trained it and now it’s second nature. Maths can be just like this. If you’ve built true understanding, then when faced with a new problem you can apply your knowledge in a new way without necessarily having seen a similar example in the past that you’re now frantically trying to remember! My courses are designed to give students this depth of understanding to prepare them for whatever curveballs the examiners can throw at them.

Relevant Qualifications

Fast Track: Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics
Andrew entered directly into second year of university based on academic merit, completing the honours degree one year quicker than normal.

AdvancedHighers (AAA) & Highers (AAAAA)
Andrew has always had a flare for numbers. In school, he was awarded the best in year prize for maths and physics at both Higher and Advanced Higher levels.

Andrew’s Courses

National 5 Mathematics:

Instructor Andrew Eadie

A comprehensive overview of the entire National 5 Mathematics curriculum. In his trademark conversational style, Andrew breaks the curriculum down into more than 100 bite-sized topics complete with detailed worked examples that are super easy to follow, understand and retain.

109 topics • 75 videos • 39 quizzes

National 5 Mathematics:
Past Paper Breakdown

Instructor Andrew Eadie

In this course, Andrew walks you through every single National 5 Mathematics past paper question there has ever been in detail with fully worked solutions. He explains how you should be approaching each question and highlights exactly where students typically go wrong.

157 past paper questions • 10 videos (15 hours)